PharmaHemp d.o.o. hereby declares that it is bound to impartiality and that it prevents potential commercial, financial and other strains on the operations of the laboratory for testing cannabinoid content. Through independent and impartial operations we ensure equal treatment of clients and fair and professional laboratory assessments. Impartiality is managed according to the quality management system and the systematic process of risk management, where we ensure continual identification and prevention of potential risks. With applicable procedures, we manage all potential internal and external factors which could affect the impartiality of the laboratory.

The process of risk management encompasses the preparation of a risk assessment where we analyse, assess, control and monitor the identified risks. If the risk exceeds the acceptable limits, we immediately perform risk mitigation or elimination measures. We have performed a detailed risk assessment and reviewed and analysed various relationships that could impair the impartiality of laboratory operations: the relationship with the parent organisation, the relationships with the departments within the organisation, related companies, regulators, staff, clients and external providers. We have discovered that the impact of the company’s ownership and organisational structure on the testing results and impartiality is small, have adopted some measures for the elimination of potential employee impact and have excluded any potential influence of people or organisations outside of the laboratory.

The laboratory also does not perform any activities that could endanger the trust in the independence of its assessment or the integrity of its testing activities. The quality and impartiality policy is additionally ensured with regular calibration, qualification and validation of equipment, rooms and processes, with interlaboratory comparisons and employee training. If new risks for the impartiality of laboratory operations are discovered, we perform a new risk assessment which we review and complement if necessary at the annual management review.